European Art Quilts I - 1997

Out of the entries the jury made an overview of 52 quilts and together with the works of the jury-members the show opened at the Textile Museum in Tilburg (The Netherlands).
The show traveled to Devon (UK) and Herning (Denmark).

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European Art Quilts II - 2001

Three years later, out of the entries of several hundreds of artists again, the jury compiled a show of 54 quilts and the show opened in Breda (The Netherlands), and this show traveled to Munich (BRD) and Herning (DK) and closed at the Textile Museum of Helmbrechts (BRD).

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European Art Quilts III - 2004

This show has opened at the Museum RIJSWIJK, the Netherlands, In the show there are over 50 contemporary quilts from 16 different European countries. The show travelled to Munich, the Festival of Quilts, Vicenza, Herning, Narbonne, Loch Lomond and a selection went to Lincoln Nebraska US, and the show will close at Mulhouse in september.



European Art Quilts IV - 2006

In the fourth exhibition 50 works from 49 artists could be admired in museums in France (Lyon and Mulhouse), the Netherlands (Tilburg), Denmark (Herning), the United States (Lincoln, Nebraska) and Hungary (Budapest). A wide diversity in techniques, materials and themes was used for the boundary crossing textile artwork. New is that we made a CD-Rom with the quilts and details and the possibility to enlarge the details.
The exhibition catalogue is still available.


European Art Quilts V - 2008

The 48 works from 42 selected artists and 6 jury and board members from 15 countries will travel to museums and galleries in Korea (Seoul), the Netherlands (Leeuwarden), the United States (Lincoln, Paducah), Denmark (Herning) and Germany (Krefeld).

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European Art Quilts VI - 2010

The 49 works from 45 selected artists and 5 jury and board members from 15 countries has opend at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham (UK) and will travel to museums in the Netherlands (Woerden), Hungary (Budapest), Germany (Einbeck und Neum√ľnster) and Denmark (Herning) and Germany (Krefeld).

A catalogue with cd is available.


European Art Quilts VII - 2012

The 47 works from 44 selected artists and 3 jury members from 15 countries has opend at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham (UK) and will travel to museums in Germany (Krefeld), the Netherlands (Breda), Belgium (Gent).

A catalogue with cd is available.



Special Themes

 all exhibited at The Festival of Quilts, Birmingham


Contemporary Quilts from 14 different European countries


Rising Artists


Israel and Turkey


Quilts from the Baltic States


Quilts from the Low Countries


WiOlAn - The three dutch textile artists
(Willy Doreleijers, Olga Prins, Anco Brouwers)


Symposium “Stof tot Kunst” 31 oktober 2014

All artists need regular opportunities to exhibit their work. This provides them with a focus to develop new ideas, and to present their art to the public, their colleagues and critics. We are therefore delighted to be able to stage regular European Art Quilt shows for them. The shows have been received with critical acclaim from visitors, including artists from all walks of live.

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